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100% Kiln Dried Firewood for Sale


We are so hectic and just want to enjoy the everyday moments we have. Most of us do not liken ourselves to Paul Bunyon nor do we have a trusty axe laying around that allows us to go from forest to fireplace with our own firewood. Even if we were up for the adventure of foraging, we probably do not have the patience to then wait over a year before it is dry enough for us to burn it. 

Thayer Nursery 100% Kiln Dried Firewood is guaranteed to burn when delivered to you.  


Most importantly, we only sell 100% Kiln-Dried Firewood so there is no fear of us diluting the quality of our product by mixing in green or seasoned wood.

 We store our KDF in our wood barn; the firewood is never exposed to the elements. 

The moisture content is reduced to below 25%.  


Thayer Nursery 100% KDF is a mix of hard wood: Beech, Birch, Maple, Oak and Ash. It is cut and split to 16” lengths but it is available for an additional charge in custom sizes from 12” – 22” lengths.  

The process of kiln drying firewood provides an efficient manner of manufacturing firewood in avoiding the one to two years of the normal time required in seasoning firewood.


Our KDF is dried in state of the art kilns. The split wood remains in the kilns for two days at nearly 200 degrees; removing over 1,000 pounds of water from each cord. This drying process increases the wood’s burning efficiency by nearly 1million BTU’s per cord over “green” firewood and increases the heat value.  


Thayer Nursery 100% KDF is bug and pest free. Since the temperatures in the kilns are so high, all insets are literally baked off. You can safely store our KDF in your shed, garage or on your porch!


Thayer Nursery 100% Kiln Dried Firewood is available for pick up in the following quantities that fit in the trunk of your car: 

1'x2'=$20.00, 2'x2'=$40.00, 3'x3'=$100.00 and 4'x4'=$160.00. 

It is also available to be picked up or delivered in larger increments from 1/4 cord up to 1.5 cords.  

Delivery charge varies by town and distance from Milton. Stacking service is also available. Please call for quote.