About Us

Lasting Legacy


Independent farmers have carefully tended a tract of property located in the “Blue Hill Land” of Milton for hundreds of years. The Thayer family took up farming on Hillside Street, named for being literally on the ‘side’ of Blue Hill in the 1700’s. The Thayer’s farmed the land for generations. Including Henry,  who in 1879, returned to Milton to continue his family legacy by engaging in floriculture where he successfully raised flowers for the Boston flower market. 

The farm stayed in the Thayer family until Robert Oldfield bought the property in 1963. Bob had a lifelong dream of returning to his hometown to raise a family and farm the Thayer property. He worked day and night to grow both. Now fifty years later, two of Bob’s five children are continuing in his tractor tracks. Josh Oldfield and Maggie Oldfield aspire to provide garden enthusiasts with well grown, interesting plant material in a natural setting. 

We Truly Care


You are invited to stroll our fields where you will find a fantastic display of locally grown plant material, including annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We offer a complete selection of organic products including mulches, composts, and soil amendments that promote sustainable land care practices. 

The Oldfield's strive to exceed your expectations with the best selections, with the most accurate information and hopefully, make your day a happier one. 

The Oldfield's are dedicated to helping you have successful gardening experiences, creating lasting customer friendships while supporting a local legacy of horticulture.  



 The Oldfield Family has had the privilege of serving the local community for over a half a century by offering only the finest quality plant material, horticultural products and landscape designs. 

We have a continued commitment in finding high quality materials that have great ornamental and environmental appeal. 

We believe in sharing. So many have supported us along our path and we have learned from so many that we are excited to share what we know. As a second generation family farm, we value small businesses; we enthusiastically support fellow entrepreneurs, women-owned companies  and members of the artisan and creative community.