olde field flower farm - csa stem share


Many things have changed since I was young tagging alongside my father as he planned and planted his fields. I grew up watching, listening and learning the language of flowers. It was during those times that my passion for flowers was quietly shaped. My father passed away years ago, but my memories of him will never fade. In life, gains are sometimes born through loss. His gift to me was the knowledge that helped me create the olde field; the olde field is my gift to him which continues his farming legacy. 


We are very excited to offer the opportunity for our clients to purchase fresh flowers through our Community Supported Agriculture initiative. Flowers purchased through the old field CSA are grown and cut directly from our fields. This process allows us to offer only the freshest, most brilliant flowers all season long. For true flower lovers this is a welcome alternative to the flowers offered at local florists and food stores that have been shipped in from foreign countries.


Shares pre-purchased prior to the start of the summer harvest, help me plan and invest in the upcoming season. In return for your investment, you will become a direct partner with me in which you will receive a personal share of the crop in peak season. Becoming a member is a great way to support local agriculture and open space, help build our community and showcase gorgeous flowers in your home. 


I will personally tend to the field and your blooms with the same commitment and dedication to quality farming that is the Thayer tradition. From our fields to your family, your bouquet will be a mix of fresh, season specific blooms! 


The field is our outdoor laboratory, sanctuary and home. We are excited by the rewards that come from working the land and look forward to sharing this journey (and bounty) with you! 

The harvest season is expected to be from mid-July through mid-October or as my mentor, Mother Nature, allows! 


There are 13 Thursdays between July 18 thru October 10, and together we will schedule your share pickups as the season gets underway. 

2019 stem share options:

 5 Bouquets $125.00

10 Bouquets $200.00