GROW Up! Vines are special because they can grow in ways that other types of plants simply cannot. They spread by climbing, attaching or twining their way up vertical surfaces or over the ground, and easily fill in spaces where other plants won’t grow. They can be evergreen, they can have spectacular flowers and they can grow in all sorts of conditions.





Climbers add another dimension beyond your garden beds, add seasonal color, while attracting pollinators.

Trumpet Vine is a favorite of hummingbirds. Hummingbirds have no sense of smell, so they’re enticed by this vine’s brilliant red-orange trumpets of nectar in August. Honeysuckle has intoxicating blooms in June that attract butterflies and bees, while later in the season its small fruits serve as food for wildlife. The hardy Clematis feature a wide variety of colorful, fragrant flowers.

Vines are easy growers that spread vigorously.


Twisting, turning, twining and twirling — vines traverse the landscape in creative ways. Their attractive foliage provides visual interest as it forms living screens to hide ugly chain link fences, softens hardscapes, transforms seemingly impossible areas and can provide you with some privacy from nosy neighbors – you know we all have them!