Shrubs & Trees


The benefits of trees and shrubs are endless. They provide healthy and beautiful places for children to play and learn. Green spaces encourage more healthy social interactions, as well as lower levels of social ills like property and violent crimes.

Tree-shaded sidewalks spatially denote the pedestrian realm; they naturally create a vaulted ceiling creating a sense of separation and protection from passing vehicles.






Rising temperatures are being caused by our own activities, such as burning oil and cutting down trees. Shrubs and trees slow down climate change and areas without them can become “heat islands,” with significantly higher temperatures than planted areas.
Money can grow on trees. Most of the prime streets that are tree-lined get a 10% to 15% premium in value over similar streets with less tree architecture. Trees give the appearance of more space and more privacy thus adding value to your home.





Put simply, trees and shrubs promote life. They are the world’s largest and oldest living organisms, and they each have magnetic personalities. Any excursion is a treat if there are trees to walk among, to commune with, to marvel at, and, yes, to hug. There is no place, that isn’t made healthier and more enjoyable by a tree.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”
(Chinese proverb).