A perennial is a plant that literally lives through the years. They offer tremendous diversity of color, foliage, fragrance and light and soil requirements. Their carefree dispositions make them ideal for all gardeners and garden types. The cornerstone of gardens, perennials set the foundation for a well-rounded collection of plants. They’ll fill in your garden with great greenery and many beautiful flowers, blooming at different times of the year.




Since perennials bloom for a single season: summer, spring or fall, a collection of them in your garden will be great in luring in and keeping all our pollinators happy. Butterflies are guided by the invisible world of scents and smells. Certain flowers give off a fragrance that butterflies find attractive, a signal that the plant may be a source of sweet nectar for the insects to feed on.

Hummingbirds are guided by visual means, and are especially attracted to certain shades of red and pink. Many red-colored flowers just happen to be good sources of nectar, a clever signal from Mother Nature.


Perennials don’t have the same pressure to reproduce as annuals do.  Perennials are the dependable workhorses of our gardens, blooming year after year and often growing so big they can be divided into new plants for family, friends or those bare spots in your yard. Since they will be around from year to year, they concentrate on putting their energy into growing strong roots. Woven through borders and foundation plantings, and with their flower variety, color and texture, perennials can be your landscape’s crowning glory.