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The Olde Field Flower Farm at Thayer Nursery
Field. Fresh. Flowers.


If you are like me, and enjoy fresh, beautiful cut flowers all summer long, I invite you to think local and become a part of the  “Community Shared Agriculture” initiative The Olde Field Flower Farm at Thayer Nursery.


We have had the privilege of serving the local community for over half a century by offering only the finest quality plants, garden products and landscape designs. We are now very excited to offer our clients the opportunity to purchase fresh flowers through our new “CSA.”


Flowers purchased through the “CSA” are grown and cut directly from our fields. This process allows us to offer only the freshest, most brilliant flowers all season long. For true flower lovers this is a welcome alternative to the flowers offered at local food stores that have been shipped from foreign countries!

How does “CSA” work?   Members become a direct partner with me, your local farmer, by purchasing one or more Stem Shares prior to the start of the summer harvest.  Your pre-purchase helps me plan and invest in the upcoming season.  In return for your investment, you will receive a personal share of the harvest during the peak flowering season.


Becoming a member is a great way to support local agriculture and open space, help build our community, and showcase gorgeous flowers in your home. From our fields to your family, your bouquet will be a mix of the freshest summer blooms!

Stem Share – $200.00 Per Share/Per Season. 

Each share entitles the member to: Ten (10) locally grown and harvested bouquets of season specific blooms available for pick up from Thayer Nursery every other week, starting with the first harvest, expected near the end of June, through the beginning of October.


Each share will be a collection of 10-20 stems of the seasonal bounty of flowers, herbs, and foliage we grow or forage from our land.

We personally tend your blooms and pick only the freshest flowers from the field to give you a different design to brighten up your home or to share as a gift.

We have always believed that healthy soil grows the best plants and flowers, so we devote much time to feeding the land through the use of various organic amendments and composts and by implementing sustainable growing techniques. These practices provide valuable nutrients and replenish the fertility of our land so we can provide flowers all season long.


My goal is to provide you with fresh flowers that are more vibrant, more fragrant, and have a longer vase life. The field is our outdoor laboratory, sanctuary and home. We are excited by the rewards that come from working the land and look forward to sharing this journey (and bounty) with you!