Mulch & Composts


NutriMulch is a blend of native Maine bark and compost. It is naturally dark, non-dyed color with a rich texture. It is “Nutrient Stabilized” which means the bark does not compete with your plants for nutrients because the compost feeds both. It naturally decomposes so unlike traditional mulches, you do not have to remove it prior to next year’s application.

$59.00 per cubic yard






 OrGaniGro is certified organic compost that is created with waste products from cafeterias, curbside pickup and supermarkets. It adds diverse life to your soil by attracting beneficial bacteria, fungi, insects and worms that burro through your soil keeping it well aerated. OrganiGro increases the soils ability to retain water by encouraging healthy root systems which decrease run-off.

$69.00 per cubic yard





    Leaf Mulch

Leaf Mulch is shredded leaf and yard debris from the neighborhoods of Boston. Leaf Mulch is a fine, all natural, non-dyed mulch that will decompose into your soil becoming compost. It is great for water retention and weed suppression.

$39.00 per cubic yard