There’s a Fungus Among Us!

by Thayer Nursery

Last week’s heavy rain and this week’s high humidity created the perfect conditions for fungi to invade lawns. While out spraying fertilizer and fungicide as part of our Organic Lawn Program, we noticed infections in many lawns! Now is a great time to scout your lawn for irregular brown patches, unsightly gray splotches, stringy red threads, dustings of orange-red powder, and other disease symptoms.

Now is also a great time to apply a fungicide, either to control a disease after infection or to prevent one from ever occurring! Here at the Nursery, we have many different fungicidal options, from synthetic to organic and granular to hose-end!

There are also certain cultural practices that can lessen the spread and intensity of lawn fungi. Only water as much as necessary; most established lawns need only 1” of water per week. Many diseases spread easily; avoid walking through infected areas, remove all clippings (do not compost!) and clean your yard tools. Apply an organic, slow release fertilizer; healthy lawns have better disease resistance!

If you follow these steps, you can enjoy the cool, inviting look of a thick, green lawn all season!

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