Spring… A Fresh Start!

by Thayer Nursery

For gardeners, spring is the real beginning of the New Year and it represents a fresh start! At Thayer Nursery, this spring in particular promises exciting new changes. We are turning 47 this year and decided it might be time for a makeover. We have engaged experts, including landscape architects and engineers, to help us redesign the Nursery. We look forward to working with the Planning Board on this exciting new design, which will help us to preserve the historical, agricultural use of our property. It will also help us to protect our neighbors from the odors and noises that accompany some of our activities.

Our goals remain unchanged: to provide high quality plant material, accessory products, horticultural information, and services within our community. As always, we strive to enhance the quality of your living environment and to exceed your expectations while doing so. The Nursery takes pride in its consistent performance, which is made possible by the knowledgeable and creative staff here. Through dedication, responsibility, and professionalism, our mission is to grow as a family, to make consistent and ethical practices profitable, and to provide great experiences to our customers and community.

Now more than ever, there are many budding landscapers in the industry; the Thayer Nursery difference is that we will still be here after their bloom is gone. Call or stop by to discover an entire company focused on serving your needs and dedicated to your success. When you are invested in your landscape and in the Town of Milton, it is good to know that your landscaper is too. Serving Milton agriculture isn’t just something we do, it’s everything we do.

There truly are many exciting things to look forward to and work toward in the coming season… May it be productive, may it be fruitful, and may be it be a fresh start for all of us!

Happy Spring!
Maggie, Thayer Nursery

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