Lawn Renovation: The Thayer Difference

by Thayer Nursery

If your lawn is burnt, you may be feeling burnt by your contractor. At Thayer Nursery, we firmly believe that the bitterness of poor workmanship remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. That’s why we always follow best practices… a lot of work goes into a Thayer Nursery lawn renovation:
  • The existing lawn area is sod cut and taken away, removing volunteer weeds in the process
  • The proper subgrade is established, following the desired contour and allowing for drainage
  • The lawn area is finish graded with finely screened loam and raked smooth by hand
  • Calcitic lime with humates, new seeding fertilizer, and insect control are applied
  • Only then, the lawn area is sodded or hydroseeded. Reseeding the next season is included
Horticultural experts agree that fall is the best time to install a lawn. Thayer Nursery’s seasoned expertise and high standards, combined with fall’s cool air and warm soil, will leave your lawn thriving for years to come. We’re here, we’ve been here, and we’ll always be here… don’t get burnt again!

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