Fall is for Planting!

by Thayer Nursery

Did you know that plants installed in the fall usually outperform those installed in the spring? Here are a few reasons why autumn is the perfect time to plant!

Temperature. The air is cooling down, but the ground remains warmer than in the spring. Warm soil encourages root development which will prepare your plants for a rush growth in the spring!

Watering. Transplants need a lot of water to establish strong root systems. Why not let autumn’s higher rainfall do some of the work for you?

Dormancy. As days get noticeably shorter, almost all plants will start to enter dormancy. Dormant plants experience very little transplant shock… it’s like they won’t even know you’re moving them!

Weeds & Insects. Fewer weeds and insects are active to interfere with your transplants!

Fall is also the perfect time to renovate your lawn! Our cool season grasses respond very well to fertilization in late-August/early-September and again in late-October/early-November. Grass seed germinates best in the fall, as well, when the days are warm and the nights are cool. Cared for in the fall, your lawn will green up earlier and look better in the spring!

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