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Exceptional Fall Interest!

by andy

Fall is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower! (the flowers, berries, stems, and bark are nice too!) It’s always a good idea to incorporate a full season of interest into your garden beds, utilizing different textures, colors, and bloom times throughout the year. Now is the time to strengthen your landscape’s fall [...]

Tree and Shrub Planting Instructions

by Thayer Nursery

Preparing the hole Dig a hole that is slightly more shallow than the depth of the root ball and twice as wide. Loosen the soil in the planting hole to allow the roots to grow easily. Preparing the plant If the plant is in a container, gently remove the pot. It may be necessary to [...]

Spring… A Fresh Start!

by Thayer Nursery

For gardeners, spring is the real beginning of the New Year and it represents a fresh start! At Thayer Nursery, this spring in particular promises exciting new changes. We are turning 47 this year and decided it might be time for a makeover. We have engaged experts, including landscape architects and engineers, to help us [...]