Bulk Horticultural Materials

by Thayer Nursery

The early bird catches the worm . . . or gets FREE delivery in Milton!!

We are offering a Lock & Load Special:
Lock in last year’s price for your load of this year’s natural horticultural products with FREE delivery in Milton.
(to be prepaid before April 1)

Our goal is to help you restore the soil biology in your worn out soils. Feeding the soil with organic amendments and implementing sustainable growing techniques will replenish the fertility of your land and will yield healthy plants and flowers all season long.

OrganiGro: Certified organic compost that adds diverse life to your soil. It retains moisture by encouraging healthy root systems which decreases run-off and is created from food waste products. $69.00 per cubic yard

NutriMulch: Blend of naturally aged bark and compost. It is non-dyed with rich texture. It is a nutrient stabilizer – the compost feeds the decomposing bark so it does not compete with plants for nutrients. It naturally decomposes adding beneficial microbes to your soil. $59.00 per cubic yard

*Delivery to take place in May 2018
*Minimum order of 3 yards

Call for pricing and procurement.

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