April is Lawn Care Month in Massachusetts!

by Thayer Nursery

On March 29, 2013 Governor Patrick signed the proclamation that April is Lawn Care Month!

The wording of the proclamation is as follows:

“Whereas The healthy plants of both traditional and urban agriculture benefit the people and the environment of the Commonwealth and; Whereas Healthy turfgrass serves as a sequester of carbons from our atmosphere, while providing effective and affordable erosion control and; Whereas Turfgrass aids in heat and noise abatement, fire prevention and storm water abatement and; Whereas Turfgrass also aids in the fight against asthma and other particulate borne illnesses in humans by capturing airborne particles such as dust and sand and; Whereas Healthy turfgrass provides natural playing surfaces for healthful recreation by all citizens in every community in the Commonwealth and; Whereas Healthy turfgrass enhances landscapes designed by man and nature, offering both serene and peaceful outdoor space; I, Deval Patrick, Governor of the Commonwealth proclaim April 2013 to be LAWN CARE MONTH and urge the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.”

The good news: spring is finally here! The bad news: most lawns suffered some damage over the harsh winter months and will be in need of repair. When forsythia are in bloom in mid-April is the perfect time to reseed your lawn and to start your annual fertilization program! It’s also the perfect time to apply a pre-emergent weed control to prevent overwintered crabgrass and other pesky weed seeds from ever germinating. Lastly, in New England, it’s always a good idea to condition your soil to support healthy turfgrass by raising its pH and fertilizing with calcium.

Give us a call or stop by the Nursery for timely lawn care advice and products or information regarding our Organic Lawn Program!

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